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Why Choose Us

You know the difference as a homeowner and consumer when you’re dealing with the owner. There’s something about the attention to detail, dedication to customer satisfaction and responsiveness that you don’t get sometimes working with a big corporation employee locked into their processes and outdated policies.

With All Things Restored, You’re working with the owner, every time. Keeping a five-star rating is just too important to Brian. After the immediate emergency has been handled, Brian helps homeowners navigate the complicated world of insurance claims. It’s normal for Brian to sit down with you at your kitchen table and go through what it’s going to take to restore your property and make you whole again. By utilizing modern technology, he can accurately estimate the job and arm you with the information your insurance company needs to get you paid quickly AND in full.

What other restoration companies miss is the one on one consulting that every homeowner needs. Going through a loss can sometimes be an emotional experience. What All Things Restored brings is compassion, understanding and a clear mind. They’ll spend the time explaining the differences between mold and water damage and how that relates to your claim. Information to your carrier needs to be submitted timely, in the right order, and in the right format. All things Restored will let you know everything you need to do. You have an advocate in us.

“What makes us different is the ability to handle any emergency, formulate a plan to restore the property, AND get the homeowner made whole. Only then is our work done.”

– Brian Sobolewski, Founder, President & CEO

7M deaths p/year are linked to indoor/outdoor air pollution.

1.8M people reported to have asthma in the U.S

4.6M cases are attributable to dampness and mold exposure in the home

93% of chronic sinus infections have been attributed to mold

All Things Restored  Sponsorships

Monthly empowerment to two international sponsor (Nicaragua and Kenya), as well as children through Compassion International (www.compassion.com) and one local girl in the United States through Save The Children (www.savethechildren.org)

Psalm 68:5 tells us, “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.” God’s heart is to show orphans mercy, provision, and protection, so this is our heart as well. 

All Things Restored is a family owned and operated business and our faith is important to us and that is why we take ethics and quality very seriously.  As local residents of the Jacksonville area, we have been through the unfortunate event of being pushed out of our home due to a water damage event while Ashley was pregnant. We understand the impact and stress and strain these events cause which is why we work so diligently to resolve the problem in the fastest way possible with the least amount of hassle.

Our Restoration Services

Water & Flood Damage

We’ve seen it all, faulty pipes, store surge, pets turning on a water spigot, water heater leaking and other accidents all cause the same problem, water damage!

Mold Clean-Up

Finding mold in your home or business means that you need to move fast. Left unchecked, mold and the toxins they bring can cause long term health problems for you and your pets.

Fire & Smoke Damage

If you’ve suffered a fire and smoke event, you know that even if your contents weren’t burned, you still need to get the smoke smell out of your contents and the stains removed.

Reconstruction & Restoration

Our in-house reconstruction team is fully qualified and experienced to provide the highest quality repairs and reconstruction services for your property.

Our Guarantee

If you have an emergency, like a leaking pipe or newly discovered toxic mold, minutes count. You have our guarantee that we’ll respond to your inquiry in 15 minutes or less and get our crews mobilized.

We know it’s a bold claim, but our system of communication in our company means you’ll get one of us on the phone as close to immediately as we can. We’re proud to have a perfect 5-star rating Google from customers. We take pride in our responsiveness.

Our reputation goes hand in hand with our ability to respond quickly. Customers call, we mobilize.

– Brian Sobolewski, Founder, President & CEO

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