How can I find a reputable restoration contractor?

How can I find a reputable restoration contractor?

Understanding the credentials of a restoration service provider.

What is restoration?

Restoration describes when something is returned to its original condition. When a home is affected by water damage or mold growth restoration refers to returning the home to pre-existing conditions. If the home has been affected by water because of a leak, overflow, or other flood event, restoration would involve the drying and/or removal of damaged building materials. When mold is present, the area is contained and cleaned, while unrepairable materials are removed. 

Why do standards matter?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) is an organization that has created standards, credentials, and certifications for the restoration industry. The IICRC is recognized throughout the world. The standards provide a common language and uniformity within the industry and are under continuous review by industry experts. Standards are updated frequently with the most up-to-date technical industry knowledge. Standards are important because they ensure that the restoration is being completed in the most effective way possible which reduces errors and costly mistakes. 

How do restoration contractors become certified?

Restoration service providers can obtain certifications based on the IICRC standards. The certification process requires detailed training, experience, and a passing score on a comprehensive exam. Certified individuals are required to participate in yearly continuing education to maintain their certification and stay current on standard updates. Certified companies are also required to provide proof of insurance to maintain certification.

How do I find a certified restoration contractor?

When hiring a restoration service provider, ask if they are certified! Certified businesses and technicians are provided with a certification identification card or may display the IICRC logo on the company card or vehicle.  The IICRC website ( ) can be used to search for a local certified provider.

Hire Certified!

Hiring certified service providers gives the consumer peace of mind that they have hired highly qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable help. For more information on the standards or to locate a professional click on the links below.

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