Most insurance policies carry coverage for both water damage and for mold contamination. However, there are usually limits to such coverage. Selecting a contractor that will ensure your loss is estimated and managed appropriately between the various coverages that may be available to you is absolutely critical to the success of your restoration project. The proper estimating management of these coverages is also just as important when thinking about how the financial component of your claim will pan out. Call the experts at All Things Restored at 904-4-A-FLOOD for an “All-Point” Indoor Environmental Assessment. While many restoration contractors have no idea how to manage your claim when it comes to segregation of your available coverages, the professional experts at All Things Restored will guide you through the entire process, sharing their wealth of knowledge that has been acquired through a combined industry experience of over half a century and through the processing tens of thousands of claims.

Certainly, however, mold doesn’t just happen on its own. It is a living organism that requires a hospitable environment (moisture) and a food source (cellulose materials like lumber or drywall). First, if you generously apply store bought bleach to moldy drywall, you have just added 96% water to the problem and also a small amount of bleach. While bleach will kill the mold it comes in contact with, the water that is left behind helps the mold that is left behind multiply quickly and then your problem returns, usually in a few short weeks or sometimes even in just days. Second, cleaning mold with bleach or like products does not address the source of the mold. i.e., the cause Leaking pipes, condensating air conditioners, or an extremely humid, dark and stagnant space are all classic scenarios for mold to colonize in your home or business. Chances are it will come back, and often worsen over time if the causation is not repaired and the fungus is not remediated properly. Call All Things Restored at 904-4-A-FLOOD to speak with our state licensed mold remediator who is also an IICRC Master Water Restorer. He will answer all of your questions and share valuable knowledge while offering a complimentary consultation tailored to your needs. If you’re seeking assistance in having your leak repaired and/or having an indoor air quality test performed to find out if you have a mold problem, call ATR at 904-423-5663 for a referral to one of our trusted trade partners within our screened and vetted approved contractor network.

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